Public Safety Solutions MO, LLC



Disasters can come any time and in any form, from physical destruction of hardware from a natural disaster like tornado or fire, to ransomware attacks. Ensuring that your data is protected and easily recovered is our top priority.

We know that in house staff may not have the time or expertise to develop robust data backup and recovery plans. Successful backup is the foundation for disaster recovery and business continuity.

Our solution provided through the Datto product allows you the peace of mind by providing proof that a backup is functional. In addition, by utilizing technology to do image-based backups, you no longer have to worry about choosing which specific files are backed up. Image based backups are essential for restoration because rebuilding or virtualizing a machine requires not just files, but also the applications and systems.

Security is also essential. Depending on the specific solution chosen, data backups can be stored locally or in the cloud providing for geodiversity.

Learn more about how recovery downtime impacts your bottom line by utilizing the Datto Recovery Time and Downtime Caclulator here.