Public Safety Solutions MO, LLC


Every year over 6,500 ambulances are involved in motor vehicle accidents. On average in those crashes 33 people are killed, 63% of which are occupants in other vehicles. During those crashes 84% of EMS workers in the patient compartment were not restrained at the time of the crash.

Driver mentoring programs are essential to ensuring the safety of your employees and your fleet while on the road. Our real-time fleet safety solution helps to detect unsafe driver behavior and correct it before a crash happens.

This one-stop all-in-one solution helps drivers develop their situational awareness and practice defensive driving techniques. It also monitors driving behavior and alerts drivers when unsafe driving behaviors occur. This creates awareness, promotes prompt self-correction and ultimately builds better habits.  Safest driving habits has also been shown to reduce insurance premiums for organizations, saving thousands of dollars annually.

The driver mentoring hardware helps to keep drivers safe with seat belt alerts, crash detection and behavior notifications. It enhances fleet performance by monitoring drivers with automated vocal violation alerts, custom inspection reports and automatic driver and fleet score cards. Encrypted web-based data portals allow you to securely access the information at any time and from anywhere.

In addition, our solution is governed by Speed by Street technology. Rather than a generic speed limit alert regardless of the roadway, the mapping technology is dynamically updated.  This allows for accountability based on posted speed limits (posted speed limit +10 mph {adjustable} with Lights/Sirens). Any violation of speed is given a 15 second grace period to correct the behavior before speeding violation is recorded.

Need eyes on the situation?  The solution can also be coupled in-cab video cameras, recording video of the offense or event triggered.